Quotes from Clients

“Laura's skill as a technical writer and help author were highlighted time and time again culminating with an incredibly user friendly and easily maintainable design for a major platform launch! Laura is a great asset to any team”
Philip Wade, JPMorgan Chase

“Upon MadCap's recommendation, we invited Laura to partner with our team in developing both a PDF User Guide and online Help System for our client's video transcoding software application. Although this was a product and industry initially unfamiliar to Laura, she was able to not only jump in and get the job done under adverse deadline pressure, but also provided significant added value in terms of the quality of the content. Laura is very detail-oriented, insightful and a pleasure to work with.”
Kathryn Klein, After Midnight, Inc.

“Laura brought a great deal of skill and enthusiasm to our team. She proactively pushed the limits of the Madcap Flare tool in development of online help and took advantage of advanced features to make future maintenance and updates easier and more efficient. She possesses expert-level knowledge of MS Word, grammar, and language style and usage and demonstrated the ability to establish positive and strong working relationships with people within and outside of our organization.”
Frank Wang, JPMorgan Chase

“You would be hard pressed to find a MadCap expert is more knowledgeable or more dedicated to her client than Laura. She is able to meet tight deadlines while providing a high-quality product. She is reliable, takes responsibility and is wonderful to work with.”
Alpa Umraiya, CGH

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