You asked for it – so I’m heeding the call…

I will be giving a webinar on using div tags to make your webhelp projects look AH-mazing!

The Blurb

Incorporating DIV Tags into Your WebHelp Design | Aug 28, 10:00-11:00 am (Pacific)

Are you confused about how to use DIV tags in MadCap Flare? Are you interested in learning more about how they can make your WebHelp look amazing? In this webinar, Certified Advanced Flare Developer and Trainer Laura Johnson will explain how you can use DIV tags to position items on each page, create complex borders through nested DIVs, and create text boxes in your WebHelp projects.

Register here.

Get ready to learn some cool stuff!

That’s right – I’ll be passing on my Flare-fu to others.

Four days of Flare from “this is a <p> tag” all the way to advanced stylesheets. So much fun jammed in to 35 hours!

If you’re looking for training, talk to the MadCap peeps: Jennifer Morse, Mike McDermott, Vict0r Gross, and Joe Frawley.

Bonus points to whoever can name this character. Answer in the comments.