I’m working with a junior help developer on a rework of an older help system and one of the things she’s tweaking is the masterpage.

This project was completed waaaay back in 2008 and since then, we’ve developed a style guide for online help systems. This project is really benefiting from some style-guide-love. We won’t talk about how ugly the project was . UGH.

Anyway, something I saw today was how a word (acronym, technically) was appearing in the footer of the masterpage as a converted glossary term.


The project is set to convert glossary terms when found – but in this instance, it’s a no-go. The underlined word looks like a link and is confusing.


So we need to set Flare to ignore that glossary term. And we’ll do it via C-S-S. Yeah!

First I need to see if there’s a particular style class associated with that line of text.

footer_classLuckily for me, there is. SOoooo, my plan is to ignore any glossary terms that appear in <p.footer> tags.

Let’s hop over to the CSS and find p.footer and go to the Unclassified property group.


And within Unclassified, scroll down to mc-disable-glossary-terms and set it to true.


Let’s do a build and see what happens.

footer_no_glossaryNo glossary term popup!


Give it a try and let me know how it goes for you.


I recently did a webinar on image maps and afterwards, received an email asking about how I made the popup windows look so not-white-and-boring.

Here’s what the emailer was referring to:

I didn’t do that by changing the look/feel of the pop-up window CSS, I handled it via a different masterpage.

Here’s my regular masterpage:

The XML Editor view of the masterpage is here:

You’ll see that it has a lot of stuff:

  • Breadcrumbs
  • Topic proxy
  • Multiple borders
  • Two logos
  • Links to printed versions of the help
  • Contact info (blurred out in the lower right corner

And it looks nice when shown on a regular sized help page…but on a pop-up window, it would simply be too much.

There’s more design than text if I were to use the regular masterpage. I need to create a simpler masterpage for these popup windows.

Before I go further, I do want to mention that the topics that will appear in these popup windows will not appear anywhere else. So I put them in their own little folder so I don’t get them confused with other topics. These also will not appear in the TOC (and I’ll be sure to turn off the ability for them to be found in a search).

First thing I do is make a copy of my current masterpage and rename the copy to masterpage_popup.

Now I’m going to do several things:

  • Delete the Breadcrumbs proxy
  • Delete both icons
  • Delete all the footer text

This is what I’m left with:

And the preview looks like this:

OK – so I have my popup masterpage – now what? I’m going to assign it to my popups via an HTML class in my CSS.

I open my stylesheet, go to the <html> tag, and create a new class called html.popup_only.

In that class, I scroll down to the Unclassified section and look for mc-master-page. From the drop-down list of masterpages, select masterpage_popup.

Now I go back to the topics in the popups folder and assign that masterpage to them. To do this, I right-click on the topic and select Properties. In the Topic Style Class field, I select popup_only. While I’m there, I’m going to uncheck Include topic when full-text search database is generated so these little topics don’t appear when folks do a search.

And I’m done!

Try it out and let me know how it goes.

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