About Me

Hi! I’ve been a technical writer for about 17 years, mostly in software development. About 5 years ago, I began working in online help development. For a while it was just something to do when I didn’t have pressing writing tasks. An afterthought. I always wanted it to be more…

Over the past 5 years, my job description changed from tech writer with online help on the side, to online help developer and manager of tech writers. Now, I’m an online help developer only….while I still write a good deal (it’s a huge chunk of online help after all), I’ve left the title of ‘tech writer’ behind.

Now, when acquaintances ask, I am a web developer – when IT folks ask, an online help developer. Explaining online help to another parent at a softball game is harder than just saying, “I’m a web developer.”

Over the years, I’ve beta tested several versions of Flare. Nowadays, I am both a Certified Advanced Developer for Flare and a certified Flare Instructor. I work with clients to:

  • Design and build help systems
  • Create custom skins
  • Determine help needs and the best delivery option

Other hats I wear, besides Flare Consultant and Instructor, include:

  • Online Help Developer for a DoD contractor supporting the US Marine Corps
  • Founder/Director of Beagle Rescue, Education, and Welfare (BREW), the largest beagle rescue organization in North America
  • Mom to a son and a daughter

In the interest of full disclosure – and in case you hadn’t noticed – I work exclusively with MadCap products. Note: MadCap does not pay me to write nice things – nor do they contribute to this blog.

Laura Charles Johnson

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